Kentucky Junior Academy of Science

Congratulations to seven Kentucky delegates to the American Junior Academy of Science!
These seven students will be invited to represent Kentucky at AJAS on March 1-5, 2023

* Rishabh Ranjan,  duPont Manual High School.    "Effect of PSAT1 Expression on Mitochondrial Function in EGFR Mutant Lung Cancer Cells"

*Joshua Zyzak,  Beechwood High School.    "Novel Discovery Regarding the Aroma of Roasted Coffee"

*Justin Huang,  duPont Manual High School.   "Predicting Omicron COVID-19 Positivity Using Breath Samples"

*Leah Groves,  Bowling Green High School.   "Boundary Delineation of the Great Onyx Groundwater Basin, Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky"

*Kathryn Harris,  Bowling Green High School.   "Evaluating Methods for Underground River Discharge Measurements in Mammoth Cave National Park"
*Elek Olson,  Bowling Green High School.  "In-Cave Groundwater Tracing in the Great Onyx Groundwater Basin, Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky"

*Sierra Durkee,   Gatton Academy at Western Kentucky University.  "Identification of toxic bacteriophage gene products"

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Middle & High School Students:
Are you interested in doing research in your classroom, at home, or at a Kentucky Field Station?  We can match you with a scientist mentor. Please get in touch with us

Middle School & High School teachers  may also join us for Teacher Workshops Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon
Do you want to find scientists as research mentors? We hosted an Info Session September 2022

We're calling on KAS member scientists to serve as mentors:  Let us know about your interest & availability
Find out more: we recorded our  Info Session September 2022

About the Kentucky Junior Academy of Science

Did you know...

  • The Kentucky Junior Academy of Science (KJAS) began in the 1930's with a goal of fostering an interest in science for high school students in Kentucky?
  • This program eventually expanded to include middle school students?
  • The previous model revolved around a spring meeting of middle and high school students and has now been expanded to become an integral part of the Kentucky Academy of Science (KAS) fall meeting?
  • Any middle & high school students interested in science can participate
  • Middle and high school students may also make presentations if they are doing research
  • KAS can help match up interested students with a research mentor or research project no matter where you are.

Junior Academy Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I participate?

A: This is a great opportunity to think about doing science research, see other people's research,  meet scientists and fellow students,  expand a science fair project, and find out about STEM career options. if you're a student who loves STEM, you should join us!

Q: What kind of research can students present at the Ky Junior Academy of Science?

A: Presentations at the fall meeting are based on research done by the student independently, in conjunction with a mentor,  or as a member of a class or research team. Presentations may be about research projects that are currently in progress. Students do not have to present research to participate in the Junior Academy of Science meeting.

Q: How do students present research at the Ky Junior Academy of Science?

A: High School students have the option of making either an oral or poster presentation, but high school students who want to be considered to serve as a delegate representing Kentucky to the American Junior Academy of Science (AJAS) should plan to give an oral presentation. Middle school students are invited to present posters of their research projects. All presenters register for the KAS Annual Meeting, and then submit an abstract about their research by October 1. Follow our KAS / KJAS Abstract & Presentation Guidelines if you plan to present research.

Q: Are there prizes?

A: The top high school students giving an oral presentation will be invited to represent KJAS as delegates to the national meeting of the American Junior Academy of Science (AJAS) meeting in March. KAS will provide some financial support for the top students and their chaperone(s) to participate at this national meeting

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The Kentucky Academy of Science Annual Meeting is an interdisciplinary professional environment that cultivates scientific discovery and understanding.

Thank you for contributing to our advancement of science by behaving professionally, respectfully and collegially at all times.