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Dr. Fernando Malerbi and Dr Iuliana Popescu. World Diabetes Day  webinar Nov 22, 2023   "What do I Risk if I don't know the Risks?"
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Yvonne Garrison, named Outstanding Science Teacher of the Year by National Association of Geoscience Teachers

Supporting students with a creative twist: A conversation with Kentucky Science Teacher of the Year, Shad Lacefield

Iuliana Popescu,
"Diabetes & COVID-19" for Diabetes Month, November 2021
"Vaccines Bring Us Closer" for World Immunization Week April 2021

Doug Curl, Kentucky Geological Survey's Map Information Service 2021

Rachel Messer, University of Pikeville, Autism Spectrum Disorders

Lee Dugatkin, 2021 Darwin Lecture, “How to Tame a Fox (and Build a Dog): The Russian Fox Farm Experiment"
Watch the lecture

Andrew Mienaltowski, WKU, "The Eyes Have It – Anticipating Difficulty in Facial Emotion Cue Perception"
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Kali Tackett, NKU, Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Arm
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Erin Carleton, NKU, Determining factors of why some trees in temperate zones buttress their roots
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Samuel Kessler, University of Louisville, Advancement in Cumulative Sampling Methods For Fecal Contamination Profiling and Success Monitoring in Streams
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Dan Phelps from Kentucky Paleontological Society on Trent Garrison's weekly Facebook show
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Luc Dunoyer spoke to Pike County Library about Monster Crayfish in Kentucky, October 24, 2020
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Courtney Keim, Bellarmine University, shares her Leadership Narrative with the Kentucky Psychological Association, August 12, 2020
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David Susman, University of Kentucky, shares his Leadership Narrative with the Kentucky Psychological Association, June 2, 2020
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Kentucky Geological Survey 2020 Annual Symposium, May 14, 2020
Watch the Recording on YouTube

Dan Phelps with film director Clayton Brown, on Monster Talk podcast, April 25, 2020
Discussing We Believe in Dinosaurs film

Dr. Shanil Virani, Morehead State University
Our Island Universe podcast

Dr. Frank Ettensohn, Nov 2, 2019. Cameo by Dan Phelps, Video by Mark Montgomery.
Identifying fossils on the KAS Geology field trip

Dr. Roman Yampolskiy Oct 28, 2019
The Outer Limits of Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Tamara Sluss August 2019
Harmful Algal Blooms

Scott Miller
Monthly Night Sky field guide on Bench Talk podcast

Amanda Gumbert and colleagues
KyH2O podcast, about all things water in Kentucky

Dr. Paul Himes, (Jan. 18, 2019)
UofL students digging up the dirt on bacteria in soil

Dr. Dave Robinson (November 2018)
Coverage of the KAS Annual Meeting on Bench Talk podcast

Dr. Cindy Corbitt (August 2018)
The March for Science in Kentucky

Dr. Don Frazier
Staying Young through Science Education

Schyler Nunziata
Impacts of Ky EPSCoR

Dr. Stephen Richter
Wetland Ecology

Dr. Tanea Reed
Traumatic Brain Injury

Alex Thome
Chemistry research for cleaner energy

Dr. Timothy Dowling (June 2017)
Astronomy and 2017 Solar Eclipse

Dr. Marty Ciocca
Intensity of Stars

Dr. Adel Elmaghraby

Dr. Jing Wang
Teaching Physics

Dr. Kevin Revell
Teaching Chemistry and Authoring Introductory Chemistry

Maria Gutierrez
Intubation-Mediated Intratracheal instillation

Dr. Steve Yanoviak
Rain Forest Research (June 2017)

Dr. Don Yow
Urban Heat Island

Dr. Gina Bertocci and her bioengineering students
Robotic prosthetics

Morehead Space Science
The Nanosatellite Revolution

Jessica Newsom
Girls STEM Summit at U of L Speed School

Dr. Wally Borowski
Water Quality in Streams and Lakes

Dr. Tom Tretter
Meteorites in Kentucky 

Dr. David Brown
Study of Bird Populations

Dr. Gerry Williger
Talks Astronomy on U of L Today (at 17:00)

Dr. Jason Naylor (June 2017)
Storm science

Dr. Cheri Levinson (April 2017)
Mindful eating