Welcome to Northern Kentucky University

Welcome to the 109th Kentucky Academy of Science Annual Meeting

We are delighted to host the annual meeting of the Kentucky Academy of Sciences at Northern Kentucky University.  NKU has an active and vibrant STEM community that includes faculty conducting research supported by funders such as the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health, students that engage in research through our Institute for Student Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity (ISRCA) and through the Center for Integrative Natural Science and Mathematics (CINSAM), and many initiatives that support P-12 students interested in STEM events, summer camps and academies.  In FY23 NKU faculty received 82 externally funded research awards totaling over $12M in funding – an institutional record. In addition, faculty mentored many students - over 200 presented their work at our annual Celebration event in the spring, and many mentored students who participated in our first year research experience (FYRE), and published their work in Nysa, our journal of student research.  Here are a few recent highlights:

Valerie Hardcastle, Director of the Institute for Health Innovation secured a $2.8M Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grant to strengthen northern Kentucky’s bioscience and health innovation ecosystem by providing skill development and workforce training in clinical research and entrepreneurship.

Mark Bardgett, Regent’s Professor of Psychological Science, received $548K from the National Institute of Health to study brain development after opioid drug use.

Dirk Grupe, Associate Professor and chair, Physics, Geology and Engineering Technology has recently published papers in Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society and the Astrophysical Journal on black holes, more specifically accreting super-massive black holes in the centers of galaxies, which he observers mostly in the ultra-violet and X-ray regimes using NASA/ESA satellite observatories.

Vijay Raghavan, Professor of Computer Science, published a paper in the Journal of Computer Information Systems on how different project leadership styles improve project performance based on different types of employees and gender.

Allison Parker, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science, published a paper in PLoS ONE on how female mosquitos use visual and chemical cues to determine suitable habitats to oviposit their eggs. One of Allison’s student co-authors, Amber Miller, was awarded first place for this research in the Ecology division of the KAS student competition in 2021.

Welcome to northern Kentucky, and we hope you enjoy your time here at NKU!

Dr. Samantha Langley, Vice-Provost for Graduate Education, Research and Outreach

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