June 2020

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Request your Mail In Ballot for the June 23 election

Don't wait until the June 15 deadline to request your ballot for the June 23 election

Introducing: Bench Talk Live!

KAS is collaborating with Bench Talk: The Week in Science to deliver a monthly program covering various interesting topics. Bench Talk is a weekly radio show and podcast produced by KAS members. 

Bench Talk aims to bring the latest research and scientific news to anyone who is interested. They have recently covered a wide variety of topics ranging from the revolutionary genome editing tool CRISPR, the current coronavirus pandemic, climate change, and many more! Check out their Facebook Page (BenchTalkRadio) to get to know the team or look back on their past episodes (ForwardRadio) to learn more about what they usually cover (spoiler: a lot!).

If you are interested to be a part of the programming and share your latest research on Bench Talk Live, let us know! We welcome undergraduates, graduate students, and professional scientists to talk about their interesting work with a general audience! 

Bench Talk Live @ June 02, 2020

Join us on June 2nd 2020 for our first Bench Talk Live session! The speakers will talk about interesting and new designs for living spaces and the way homes are manufactured.

Register here to join us by Zoom!

We will be joined by experts from the Northern Kentucky University's Department of Engineering Technology:
Digital Homes: Manufacturing Futuristic Structures
Dr. Sayed Allameh
Imagine your dream home has the shape, functionality, and orientation dictated only by your imagination. Freeing creativity and innovation from the constraints of today’s crude construction technology is the promise of tomorrow’s digital construction technology.  Step-by-step, digital printing is evolving into a complete set of tools to build homes by robots that will mix and match materials, and perform processing, deposition, positioning, and timing to create works of art. These unique and beautiful structures will be functional in providing comfort, saving energy, reducing waste, recyclability, and sustainability. The know-how, tools, and feasibility of such revolutionary home building technology will be discussed along its implications for building structures on Moon and Mars. (Photo credit dwell.com)

"Green Home" - Home of the Future
Dr. Zeel Maheshwari

Today, the trend is to make everything smarter-our homes, offices and even our cars. But a growing number of architects and scientists are recognizing that creating homes must involve more than mere gadgetry. It must be environmentally sustainable that uses energy, water and building materials efficiently. In recent times, the term “green home” has created a buzz among homeowners. One aspect of converting a regular home to “green” home is by employing renewable energy (typically solar panels) to electrify homes. Using green energy can raise a home’s value while reducing its cost of ownership. Additionally, it is a great way to contribute towards a better future for the community and ultimately to all life on Earth. Green home makes a positive contribution to the environment or at least has a minimal negative impact. The home of the future is not just smarter, its greener!‚Äč

Register here and join us by Zoom! Sessions will also be recorded and will be available for later viewing. 

STEM at Home Guide for Summer 2020

It has been a long semester for everyone, and summer is finally upon us! That does not mean that we cannot keep learning!

For activities, courses, and games to keep you engaged this Summer 2020, check out this STEM at Home Guide. Thanks to the Kentucky Girls STEM Collaborative for bringing to us this new and helpful resource for your young (or young-at-heart) scientists!

Learn more about KGSC and their programs by visiting their webpage.

Call for 1 & 2 hour session proposals for KAS/KSTA Annual meeting

Collaborate with an educator to present a 1-hour or 2-hour session at our Annual Meeting November 6-7! Some ideas for topics we'd like to see (or propose your own)
  • Earth Sciences- Share your favorite activities, materials, teaching tools
  • Experiences visiting classrooms or working with K-12 teachers
  • Innovations & Collaborations in new Teacher training
  • Citizen Science projects involving teachers and scientists working together
  • Propose your idea! What can scientists & teachers learn from each other?

More information and Submission form is here (have your 200 word abstract ready)

Engage Your Fellow Kentuckian Scientists!

Starting this month, we will begin sending out short monthly newsletters in addition to our quarterly editions to keep our members updated with what is going on in the scientific and research community in the Bluegrass.

If you have any story, research update, job openings, volunteer opportunities, or anything that you think will be of interest to your fellow Kentuckian Scientists -- or perhaps there is something you want to see in our monthly newsletters -- let us know and shoot us an email

KAS members- we want your feedback on our Draft Code of Ethics

We think our member scientists should be held to high standards!
CLICK HERE to review our draft and tell us what you think!
KAS Newsletter - June 2020