Master of Teaching Scholarships for STEM Graduates

A few highlights include:   
  • Scholars must matriculate to Bellarmine University for their MAT and teaching certification in middle or high school math or science. 
  • Students with undergraduate degrees in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology,  Biochemistry/Microbiology, Environmental Science, Computer Science, or STEM-related field who enroll in the traditional two-year Master of Teaching program receive funding of $29,000 in the second year, which covers full MAT graduate tuition and fees ($24,840) for the two years plus $4,200 for miscellaneous expenses.  
  • Scholars will engage in a variety of networking activities including the annual Noyce Maker Fair, a paid internship at the Kentucky Science Center, and a funded summer workshop in collaboration with the University of Kentucky’s Noyce program.   
  • Scholars must commit to teach in a high-need public middle or high school for two years for each year of funding upon program completion/transition to an Alternative Certification program.  
KAS Newsletter - July 2023

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