KAS seeking support for KY student contests

Rob Weber

KAS organized the student contests after being approached by Rep. Nima Kulkarni of Louisville who will be a sponsor of a resolution later this month naming a day as PFAS Awareness Day in Kentucky. Kulkarni asked for KAS’s help in getting students involved in activities leading up to the day. As a result, we organized three contests: A "Clean Water, Healthy World" art contest for students in grades 1-5; a contest for high school students to learn about PFAS “Forever Chemicals” and share what they learn in an essay; and a PFAS infographic contest in which college students present info in a way that’s easily shared on social media.
The contests were announced last month on social media and in messages to schools across the state. Winning entries will be announced and displayed at the State Capitol later this month.
KAS Newsletter - March 2023

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