Education and Advocacy team keeping an eye on Frankfort

Rob Weber

State symbols. Currently, the state rock (agate) is actually a mineral and the state mineral (coal) is actually a rock. HB 367 would correct that by swapping the designations.
Automated External Defibrillators. HB 331 would require middle and high schools to maintain a portable automated external defibrillator in every school building and at school-sponsored events.
Nuclear energy. SJR 79 would establish the Nuclear Energy Development Working Group to identify barriers to deployment of nuclear power generation in Kentucky.
Fossil fuel power generation. SB 4 would set new standards that must be bet before the Public Service Commission could approved the retirement of a fossil-fuel power plant.
Literacy. SB 156 would create a new statewide reading center to support literacy development in Kentucky.
Postsecondary Education. SJR 98 calls upon the Council on Postsecondary Education to study the placement and services provided by Kentucky’s universities and community and technical colleges, as well as the possibility of a new regional, residential, four-year university in southeastern Kentucky.
KAS Newsletter - March 2023

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