KAPT Spring Meeting

Marylin Akins

Spring Meeting Workshop
Tracy Hodge from Berea will be leading the workshop during the spring meeting titled Surveying the Solar System:
The Rubin Observatory education program provides engaging online astronomy investigations that incorporate authentic Vera C. Rubin Observatory data. These investigations are designed for classrooms from advanced middle school through introductory college levels.
In the Surveying the Solar System investigation, students use mathematical and spatial visualization tools to characterize four main groups of small Solar System objects based on their orbital properties. They interpret how their observational evidence can be used to support the solar nebula theory. They then examine and classify some newly discovered objects form Rubin Observatory.

Workshop participants will become familiar with the investigation by working through as “students”. We will then spend time with the online teacher’s guide, discussing prerequisite knowledge, learning outcomes, standards, and how the exploration fits in to each participant’s own classroom teaching.

Travel Grants
Travel grants up to $50 will be available for people carpooling to the meeting.
More information, contact:
    Marilyn Akins, President  marilyn.akins@kctcs.edu
    Kevin Adkins, Secretary/Treasurer  jkadkins@moreheadstate.edu
KAS Newsletter - March 2023

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