General Assembly’s 2023 session begins

Rob Weber

The measure, House Bill 1, now awaits action from the Senate. If passed into law, the measure would continue an effort lawmakers started last year to incrementally lower the state income tax to zero. House Bill 1 would codify an income tax drop from 5 percent to 4.5 percent that took effect at the start of this year and schedules another decrease to 4 percent for the start of 2024.
While the income tax bill is recognized as a priority measure to legislative leaders – and a concern to those who think it will make it harder for the state to fund needed programs and services -- its just one of nearly 200 bills that have already been introduced this year. KAS Education and Advocacy Committee members are reviewing each bill that could impact the science community in order to track priority measures and keep members informed. Bills that affect human health, the environment, and our system of education are among those that receive attention from the committee.
This year’s General Assembly session will last 30 working days. Lawmakers are currently in a recess and will return to the Capitol on Feb. 7. The session is scheduled to conclude on March 30.

KAS Newsletter - January 2023

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