Preparing the Presentation

Presentations are 10-12 minutes long with 3- 5 minutes for questions.

  1. Choose an Interesting & Informative Title. The title of your presentation is an important attention grabber. It should simply and accurately present your research. The title should make a person want to know more about your work.
  1. Use at least 20-point fonts on your slides. Avoid giving your audience too much information at one time. Do not place more than ten lines on each slide.
  2. Show the apparatus or equipment that you used in your work. This will save time during your presentation when you describe it. In addition, this visual will help your audience picture your work better.
  3. Presenting your data
  • Do not present long tables of numbers.  The listener can easily get lost in the numbers and miss the point you are trying to make. Effective tables show averages and summaries of the data. A graph is often a better way to show the data.
  • Avoid bar graphs when regular plots will work.  Be careful on the color selection for the graph as well as the number of different colors that you use.  Remember you do not want to overwhelm your audience.
  • Be sure that diagrams and graphs are clearly and properly labeled.
Tips for a Great Scientific Talk from the Emerging Researchers Network