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Report from the KAS Advocacy committee, April 28 2018

Advocacy opportunities From ResearchAmerica April 27 2018
"I have mentioned the possibility of the president sending a rescission package to Congress. At this point, it’s more a matter of when, not if he will request billions in “clawbacks” of already appropriated funds. It’s up to Congress to accept or reject the request. Think about it: for several fiscal years now, federal agencies have not had the benefit of fully functioning budgets; rather, for a large portion of each fiscal year, they have been tethered to the previous year’s budget by continuing resolutions (CR) that choke off their ability to spend dollars in a timely manner and respond to new opportunities and challenges (not to mention all the rebudgeting exercises and associated red tape). Now, via a rescission, these agencies may be subjected to the impoundment and potential loss of funding they still have on hand. That’s no way to speed medical progress or advance any other national objective. Use this editable email to urge the administration and Congress not to backtrack on the appropriations they have so painstakingly determined.
A quick note on a development at the Environmental Protection Agency that is relevant to us all:  Administrator Pruitt has announced proposed changes to regulations surrounding data access requirements, stating that the goal is to foster transparency. While this is a shared and worthy objective, we are concerned this proposal would compromise privacy protections fundamental to research integrity, comprehensiveness and participation. The proposed changes are subject to a 30-day comment period. Comments can be sent via  "

April 2018:
Ky House and Senate overrode the Governor's veto of HB200, the budget bill, in early April.

Kentucky Academy of Science opposed HB200, the Budget Bill, because of the deep cuts imposed (in ALL versions of the budget) on dozens of education and research programs and on our institutions of higher education. Higher education institutions for example would suffer 6.25% cuts, after years of continuous cuts.
Read our  Feb 26 letter  and our March 21 letter explaining why we opposed the proposed budget.
Find analysis of the budget at the  Kentucky Center for Economic Policy
We remain concerned that sufficient revenue is not being raised to restore funds for higher education and dozens of other educational programs (read more)

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