Marcia Athey Grants

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Proposal deadline: November 15

The Kentucky Academy of Science Foundation makes available through the Marcia Athey Fund and the Botany Fund monies for research in science. The funds are for research planned and conducted by students of Kentucky secondary schools, colleges, and universities under the supervision of a faculty member. In the event that funds permit, consideration will also be given for support of faculty research projects. Faculty sponsors/researchers must be members of the Kentucky Academy of Science.

Awards normally are in the several hundred dollars range, though in extraordinary circumstances some higher awards may be possible. All awards are made to the institution of the faculty supervisor/researcher. Applications must be received via electronic submission on the KAS webpage by November 15 prior to the year in which an award is sought. Funding recommendations will be made by the Committee to the KAS Board after the January Board meeting.


  1. Cover sheet (Page 1) Download cover sheet in PDF form   |   Download cover sheet as a Word document
  2. Project summary (Page 2)
  3. Project description (sufficient for evaluation by those not especially informed with your area of endeavor). This should include:
    • a review of pertinent literature
    • rationale for doing the research
    • hypothesis if appropriate
    • research methods including experimental techniques and
    • statistical analyses
    • roles of students vs. faculty and any connection to previous research in the same area
  4. Facilities and equipment required and availability
  5. Detailed and justified budget (Subdivide the budget into stipends, travel, equipment, supplies and expendables, and other costs. Travel should be further subdivided into direct costs of travel and subsistence. "Other" costs should be itemized.)
  6. Collaborative arrangements, where appropriate, brief curriculum vitae, of the applicant and the faculty sponsor. Vitae should list all relevant positions held during the previous ten years, a history of all research awards received, and a list of pertinent publications (not to exceed five). The applicant Vitae should also include previous KAS funds, if applicable, and indicate if results of previous KAS funds have been presented in scientific meetings and/or published.
  7. Endorsements and letters of support are encouraged
  8. A conflict of interest form should be completed by each applicant (students and faculty members) and included with the project Download PDF conflict of interest form   |   Download conflict of interest in a Word document

Cover sheets, conflict of interest forms, as well as terms and conditions of the research supported by the Marcia Athey Fund and the Botany Fund can be obtained from the KAS website or from the Committee on Distribution of Research Funds Chair:

George F. Antonious, Ph.D.
Kentucky State University
Department of Plant and Soil Science
Water Quality/ Environmental Toxicology
218 Atwood Research Center
Frankfort, KY 40601

Office: 502/ 597-6005
Lab: 502/ 597-6253

All Applications will be evaluated based upon:
  1. Significance of the proposed project within academic discipline, justification for the project, innovation, advancing educational quality, and problem-based focus (30 points)
  2. Feasibility of the project given available resources and major objective(s), methodology, plan of operation, timetable, expected products and results (30 points)
  3. Qualifications of the student and faculty sponsor who will develop and carry out the project objectives (15 points)
  4. Institutional support, equipment, and/or materials available to carry out the project objectives (15 points)
  5. Budget and cost-effectiveness. Elements considered include the degree to which the project maximizes the use of limited resources and educational value of the dollar (10 points)