Annual Meeting

2013 - 99th ANNUAL MEETING

Plenary Lecture:

"Living on Karst Landscapes in Kentucky and Throughout the World"

Dr. Chris GrovesDr. Chris Groves

Dr. Chris Groves, Distinguished Professor of Hydrogeology
Director of the Hoffman Environmental Research Institute
Western Kentucky University

Chris Groves is a Distinguished University Professor of Hydrogeology at Western Kentucky University. Since receiving a PhD In Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia in 1993, Dr. Groves has developed an active international research program in hydrogeology, geochemistry, and water resources, with an emphasis on water resources issues in rural southwest China. He serves as a co-leader of the UN Program “Environmental Change and Sustainability in Karst Systems,” and as a Board member of the UNESCO’s International Research Center on Karst. In 2013 he was the Ministry of Land and Resources’ top finalist for the People’s Republic of China Friendship Award, that nation’s highest award for foreign experts. Closer to home, between teaching classes Groves works actively in research and education programs at Mammoth Cave National Park and the Crumps Cave Education and Research Preserve, and serves on the Board of Trustees for the Kentucky Chapter of The Nature Conservancy.

SYMPOSIUM: “Citizens and Scientists protecting Kentucky Water”

"Spread It On Thick:Managing Nutrients and Water Quality on Kentucky Farms"

Amanda GumbertAmanda Gumbert

Extension Water Quality Liaison
UK Cooperative Extension Service-KY Division of Conservation

Amanda Gumbert serves as the Extension Water Quality Liaison between the UK College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment and the Kentucky Division of Conservation to promote the Kentucky Agriculture Water Quality Act. Amanda works to maintain communications among statewide agencies that make natural resources decisions, as well as conducting education and outreach activities related to watershed management, riparian buffers, and agricultural water quality issues. She has worked for the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service for 12 years and holds BS and MS degrees in Plant and Soil Science and a PhD in Soil Science from the University of Kentucky.

"Quality, Contract and Cost considerations of expanding your data collection with volunteers, or, How does the National Weather Service, USDA and the National Institute of Health get away with it?"

Ken Cooke

Ken Cooke

Friends of Wolf Run, Inc.
retired, Kentucky Division of Water

Ken Cooke works to restore his home watershed through the Friends of Wolf Run Inc. (a non profit volunteer organization based in Western Lexington). Ken worked for the Kentucky Division of Water Management Branch before retiring in 2007. His responsibilities included recruiting and training volunteers to monitor water quality in streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands through the statewide Water Watch program. Ken attributes his affection for waterways to playing in the creek as a kid, his training as a Boy Scout (including a stint as Aquatics Director for Camp Wildcat Hollow). He was formerly trained in volunteer organization through work with the American Heart Association as their South Central Division Director prior to working for the Kentucky Division of Water. That background has manifested itself in mixing lay volunteers and professional scientists working on community health issues since 1981.

"Kentucky Waterways Alliance: Protecting and Restoring Our Waterways with Science and Advocacy"

Tim Joice

Tim Joice

Water Policy Director
Kentucky Waterways Alliance

Tim Joice is the Water Policy Director at Kentucky Waterways Alliance. Since joining KWA in October 2011, Tim has worked to fulfill KWA"s mission of protecting and restoring Kentucky"s waterways through advocacy on clean water policy issues. As part of those efforts, Tim has worked with various partners in the Mississippi River Collaborative to address issues throughout the Mississippi River Basin. He has maintained stakeholder involvement in the Ohio River Basin Nutrient Trading Pilot Program, and other nutrient pollution issues in Kentucky. Tim also works on permit review for wetland, floodplain, and stream impacts, and other clean water issues in Kentucky. He has a Master"s in Landscape Architecture from Penn State University with a focus in watershed stewardship, and a B.S. in Landscape Architecture from University of Kentucky. He has worked as an independent consultant, and in private practice and government.




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